Well there’s a turn up for the books!

Oh my word.


I’ve just returned from my sports massage which was very revealing to say the least!

After explaining my problem (which I confidently suggested as “tight hamstrings and hips leading to soreness in my buttocks and my feet being pulled out to the sides” – which, by the way, I’m now convinced is the root cause of my blisters) I was subjected to a preliminary once over and the confirmation that I did indeed have tight hamstrings and hips.

I also mentioned that when I run I get a real tight upper back, to the point where it’s painful to turn my head to the left and BINGO! Elaine, my friendly masseuse for the next hour, knew what it was straight away!

Turns out my lats (Latissimus Dorsi) muscles are messed up – technical term in lieu of me finding a better one right now – which, believe it or believe it not, is causing my hips to be misaligned and subsequently my legs and feet. Or something like that. A few test prods and contortions proved the theory and Elaine set to work with a mixture of smelly oils and elbow grease to the backdrop of Travis playing on loop on her iPod.

**What followed next is difficult to express in words. A mixture of pain, pleasure, tension, relaxation, stretching, twisting, contortion, resistance, pressure, poking and pushing, along with a fair bit of accompanying grimaces and the odd“OOF” and even a couple of quietly muffled swear words.**


A good pummelling later and I left the session feeling 3st lighter! Such a difference.

As expected, I’m now instructed not to run until at least Friday, so as the Sleaford Half-Marothon beckons me on Sunday I might try a short cheeky test run on Friday night just to make sure things are in order.

My next session (aka Round 2) is already booked for next Friday and to be honest I’m looking forward to Sunday’s race to see what the effects of tonight are. In the meantime, I’m under instruction to practice my newfound stretches – I’ve certainly learned something about what a good stretch should feel like.

Upper back, eh? Who’d have thought..?


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