Today’s Paris Countdown Newsletter

It has taken you months of training to reach this point! Just a few days before the start of the Marathon de Paris, you are, without a doubt, in the best condition of your life. Bravo for the courage and the tenacity it took to prepare so well.

You are ready now. You don’t need to run just to accumulate unnecessary miles, but you can do so in a very measured way, or simply to relieve some of the climbing tension before the marathon.
The priority of the days leading up to April 15 should be to rest and to offer your body long stretches of relaxation. Be watchful for the quality of your sleep, but be careful not to stay in bed too late. Remember that you will have to wake up early the day of the race!

The best way to relax, especially if you’re not Parisian, is to do nothing, besides enjoying the city. Don’t walk too much though. It’s better to enjoy the cafés and the public gardens. April in Paris is a real treat, and you have earned it…



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