Aaannd…relax :)

Well, I’ve just had my final pre-race massage. I’m so glad I found massages when I did; God only knows how my legs would’ve been if I hadn’t!

Nothing too major tonight, although some work was required on a few knotty areas in both legs. Last night was my last club run before the race – 5 miles with some bursts of 100m or so @ around 06:30/mile pace – and for the first time in as far back as I can remember I finished with no ache whatsoever. A great sign that my legs are ready.

So tomorrow is my last 5-miler; a nice gentle run ’round the block’. I might put in a cheeky couple of miles (2 max) on Saturday when we get there but then again fear of last-minute injury might deter me from that…

My club is organising a 5 mile race tomorrow, a regular annual event. For me I’m resisting the temptation and offering my services as a marshal instead. It’ll be nice to help out instead of running.

3 days 13hrs and 48mins to go..!


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