Today’s Paris Countdown Newsletter

It’s possible that you might be a little agitated the night preceding the race in thinking about what is waiting for you at waking time!
The first thing you should do is to finish your breakfast three hours before the marathon, allowing complete digestion.

A few priorities:
> Firstly, don’t change the breakfast routine that you established during your many weeks of training. Your stomach, already bothered by the pre-race stress, will face a difficult challenge during the last hour of the marathon. Don’t fill it up with something to which it isn’t accustomed.
> Then, make sure that your breakfast is balanced, so that you rebuild your energy reserves that were used during sleep. If you have already focused on slow release carbohydrates for the last couple of days, your glycogen stocks are at their maximum.
> Finally, don’t eat too much! Eat according to your hunger, slowly, without trying to take in as many calories as possible. Don’t forget, gastric problems are frequent during marathons. Bad management of your breakfast could cause digestive trouble



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