My training is officially over!!

Well, that’s it. I completed my last pre-race run tonight. A steady 5 miler round the block.

Everything felt as it should. No residual ache, no major worries. I felt so good I had to constantly hold myself back – my legs wanted to go faster! I pegged myself back to 08:30 pace (it did creep up to 08:00 at times – oops!) and I have to say it’s the easiest run I’ve ever done. Very encouraging.

Back in and straight out again to help out with the club’s annual 5-mile race. It was odd to not be running but it did give me chance to take lots of photos and to see a different side of running. Great to see everyone.

Finally, I left he club with lots of people wishing me all the best and offering me some final pieces of advice. I’ve had lots of support from my fellow club runners, not least Mandy who made a special trip out tonight to give me some celebratory flapjack to take over for after the race. (Mandy’s flapjack has become something of a legend after our long runs!) Everyone has been so supportive and I’ve had some great advice from the more experienced guys and gals there – thank you all, I really appreciate it.

Most of all, I owe a lot to the patience, love and support of my family over the last 16 weeks. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I know I’ve taken a lot for granted since starting the training but they’ve backed me 100% and for that I’m eternally grateful. Rachel helped me pack my case last night which included a ‘goody bag’ of handy things she’d bought for me to take. All the things I would’ve forgotten. She’d also bought be a pair of sunglasses which I was desperately in need of (the ones I have were never that comfortable). It was an odd feeling to know that soon I’ll be hundreds of miles away with them watching my progress online. It’ll spur me on to the finish.

And so now to the weekend. Saturday morning’s flight is getting nearer and I’m raring to go. My training is now officially over and all I need to do now is put it all together on the day.

2 days, 11 hrs and 15 minutes to go…


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