Today’s Paris Countdown Newsletter D-3!!

We know how important today is for you. Running a marathon is a serious affair. Running 42.195km takes complete commitment, for your muscles and tendons, your heart and lungs. You are about to achieve an effort with a capital E. This will make you an accomplished athlete, a privileged member of the large family of runners.

For months now, you have been thinking about April 15 and its start on the Champs-Elysées. You may have marked today on your smart phone calendar or agenda. You may have done a count-down to help you arrive at this big day in your best condition.

Here you are, with many others. 40,000 runners will be at the start, the largest group in France, one of the most competitive groups in the world. Don’t doubt. Don’t let yourself be distracted by the idea of eventual soreness or fatigue. You are ready. No one can take this moment away. The city of light is here, at your feet, under your feet. The 2012 Marathon de Paris is ready for you. Happy racing to all!



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