D-1: An Englishman Abroad

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Well, I’m awake then! having spent a short night’s sleep filled with dreams of running, I’ve woken to feelings of anxiety and anticipation and the stark reality that I’m running a marathon tomorrow!

It seems like so long ago since my 22 mile training run – is it really going to still be in me? I’m telling myself almost constantly “trust in the training, Sime. It’ll all come together” but the more I’ve tapered the more it feels like I’m leaving something behind. I guess I am, but rather than the fitness or endurance I fear, I’m leaving behind fatigue and a fairly solid training effort. Keeping faith is something I’m constantly finding a challenge!

Since my journey began, I’ve been in my trainers for 108 hrs 28 mins, clocking up 713.1 miles and burning 82,477 Calories in the process. I am the fittest I’ve ever been. HAVE FAITH!!


In the car now, on the way to East Midlands Airport. Shaking for other reasons than it being 2degC outside! Blue skies hint towards a nice day ahead over Yorkshire. I wonder what Paris has in store.

It’s Our Kid!!


Nightmare! There’s been an accident (presumably) on the M1 resulting in it being closed off. We’re currently sat in a queue of traffic as far as the eye can see waiting to come off at the next junction which is 4 miles ahead.



Moving again. Diversion round Chesterfield but at least we’re rolling. Someone’s gonna have some bad news though today I think. They don’t close the motorway lightly. God bless.


Back on the M1 – lost an hour or so but still OK for a 09:00 arrival at EMA. No more surprises like that please and thank you!


We’ve arrived at the airport!


Through security…eventually! My running belt prompted a bag inspection and re-scan!



On the plane – next stop Paris!


Eventually at the hotel! It’s a lovely day here. Now to go get our numbers… Back across the city in the most crowded tube trains ever!!




After joining the largest queue in the world (we actually jumped in halfway round without knowing!! Oops!) we’re finally and and have our numbers! That’s it, I can relax a bit more now!



The Expo is HUGE! There is every manufacturer you can think of and loads you’ve never heard of! After a quick reccy we both decided we were in desperate need of some water so have just sat down at the Uncle Ben’s Rice Party. Fantastic!




Survived the metro journey back to the hotel and contemplating whether to eat again or relax in the jaccusi… Starting to get a little worried now, if I’m honest.
The good news is there was a Powerade stall at the expo, so tomorrow I’ll be running with the gels and the drink I’ve been training with. That’s a weight off my mind!!


Well, my kit’s ready!!



A last minute bite to eat in the Italian restaurant literally opposite the hotel reception entrance. Tagliatelle fruits de la mere (seafood). Lovely. Back to the hotel and we found the jacuzzi – it was only polite to test it out for 45mins! Relaxed now, in the room sorting out our kit. I feel a bit numb, really. The reality of tomorrow is stark and foreboding…


Alarm set for 6am. Porridge and banana on standby. To say tomorrow’s going to be a big day doesn’t come close.

0 days, 10 hrs and 25 minutes to go!


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